First Draft Transcription Service $0.99 per Audio Minute

For you a Budget-friendly resource, best-in-class transcription for projects with flexible requirements. Just think; for less than a $1.00 a minute you can use our First Draft Transcription Service.

Our First Draft Transcription Service; just asking, do you think this is Great or What?
First Draft Transcription is excellent for…

MSN Digital Transcription-Student


All Student have a time-frame, which is essential when you need your notes captured and transcribed in key class lectures, workshops by cutting down on study time, and in record any thought or idea on-the-go.

MSN Transcription-Professional


Professionals look toward that great turnaround time with fast and accurate transcripts of important meetings, interviews, presentations, conferences and just about everything in between.

MSN Transcription-Researchers


The Researchers also focuses on time as time is valuable  assets and they want to save time, money and expended energy by recording and transcribing your focus groups and critical research at any time.

The First Draft Transcription Service

The First Draft Transcription service just gets through the initial transcription step, where our team of transcriptionist work on your content in-tandem. You will receive your transcript returned to you without time-stamps and speaker IDs and does not get checked by final editing step like the Standard and Verbatim Transcription services.

We remove “umms”, “ahhs”, “likes”, “you knows”, and other filler words in addition to stuttering. We DO NOT correct grammatically incorrect language – we transcribe the audio exactly as it is. Why it is called First Draft Transcription Service.

Our Turnaround times are the same as our Standard and Verbatim transcripts (2-3 business days’ standard service). First Draft Transcription service comes with an expected 90%-95% accuracy, but it is not guaranteed and will vary based on audio quality.

Lowest Prices

The First Draft Transcription service will allow you fast and affordable transcripts of any volume, at just $0.99 per audio minute. We suggest you request a free quote today and we will price out your next project at the lowest possible rate! We a definitely here to help you succeed with your low-cost transcription needs with our great NEW transcription service.